Our goal is to be able to put smile to people’s face, bring more colors in people’s life, and to provide a special way to express love to ourselves, our family & friends.

Life keeps on moving, situation changes, we have ups and downs. Having our family, friends and loved ones around us to share life with always makes it lighter and merrier. 

Now a days it is easy to express how we feel towards others in words, but to show them in action is not always that easy.

Life does not always allow us to be physically around of our dear friends and loved ones. It is not always we can be around them to cheer-up or show empathy on their low times.

During their good times or success, we cannot always show in actions how happy we are for them or how proud we are of them.

Expressing love or thoughts into action is sometimes a bit of a struggle for many.

Giving gift(s) is usually one of the most common ways. However, there seems to be unlimited options out there, and often it’s stressful just searching for right kind that will make them feel good, that is practical, at reasonable cost, and is special.  Not to mention, the works needed for packaging and arranging for post if they live afar.

We have been in these situations ourselves. These experiences encouraged and motivated us to establish www.sukkasukka.fi, a platform that lets you express your self through socks.

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